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How do we decide on our termly menu? Our menu has been created after listening to the ideas of our families and their children. When menu planning we follow the guidelines outlined in the ‘Eat Smart Play Smart’ guide for out of school hours care. We ensure all food options are low fat, low sugar and provide a wide range of nutrients for the children in care.

How do we educate your child through our menu? Daily we discuss the benefits of healthy eating and encourage children to trial foods from different cultures which they have not been exposed to before. Staff also ensure that all children wash their hands before afternoon tea and encourage the use excellent manners throughout their time at Poosh.

Do we cater for children with dietary requirements? We always ensure we have alterative options for children with allergies or religious beliefs so that they can enjoy a healthy nutritious afternoon tea.

What time are breakfast and afternoon tea served? Breakfast is served between 7am and 8.15am daily and afternoon tea is served straight after the roll call at 3.10pm. Children are always encouraged to have seconds if they are still hungry and can enjoy a late snack between 4.30pm and 5.30pm daily if they desire.

Poosh is a nut free zone

A sample menu is provided below. The menu rotates weekly to provide variety on different days.


Fruit platter with 2 choices of fruit (sliced): Seasonal fruits Greek Yoghurt, Water, milk or milk with milo.

Whole meal toast with 3 choices of spread: vegemite, margarine or honey.  Smoothie making with a selection of fruits & vegetables

2 choices of cereal:  Cornflakes and Weetabix