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Enrolment & Kindy Orientation

Enrolment Process & Kindy Orientation

How do I enrol? (Please note we do not accept enrolments for the forthcoming year until the 1st day of Term 4 when we are aware of the vacancies for the following year. Enrolments automatically delete from our system after 8 weeks, so they will need to be completed twice if completed too early).

1.Complete 2 online links- If one is missing the enrolment will not be viewed by the service.

Link.1- Selecting Days (Ensure a start date is specified). Next complete Link 2 -Family details and enrolment information by clicking on the ‘enrol' icon. Please complete each section of the online enrolment including your direct debit details. If applying for the Childcare Subsidy, please ensure the parent/guardian who is linked to the child’s CRN completes the form. Regularly the wrong parent account is entered therefore the CCS subsidy cannot be claimed and the family needs to create a completely new account. Both the registered child and parents date of birth and CRN must be included in the enrolment. Once both links are completed you will receive email confirmation from Poosh. Next please visit MyGov and confirm your child’s schedule at Poosh to activate your CCS % subsidy. This is required even if your child is casual. If you do not have internet access, please visit the centre for assistance.


2.What if my child has a medical condition? Provide us with a current medical management plan signed by a doctor, in date medication, and complete the risk minimisation link below:

risk minimisation link

A child’s start date will be postponed if these documents are not provided. If your child has an allergy but no medication this still needs to be completed.


3. If you child attends an out of school activity during Poosh please complete the online form:  out of school activity form

Returning Poosh Users: Please complete the selecting days link:  selecting days  Within 48 hours you will be able to access your Hubworks enrolment and make adjustments if necessary.

Children with additional needs: Poosh is an inclusive environment and caters for all children attending Pymble Public school. When enrolling please email Cara or Igor at to arrange a time of discuss your child’s need so that we can ensure that they are fully integrated into our service. If necessary, an application for inclusion support funding will be completed.

Kindy children

When do we start taking kindy enrolments? In term 4 when we are aware of vacancies for the following year. Please note enrolments completed before this date automatically delete from our system after 8 weeks. Siblings of children already attending Poosh will receive priority, as these families are already enrolled in the service.

Kindy Orientation: To familiarise the children with their new surroundings, kindy children will be transported to and from school by Poosh educators for the first month of term. Care will also be provided between 8.30am and 8.55am by Poosh educators and by teachers between 2.30pm and 2.55pm whilst the school day is shorter. During your child’s first session we will enquire about your child’s interests, incorporate these into our program, buddy them up with some caring students, and check in with them regularly! If we have any concerns, we will contact you via phone, and when collecting your child educators will notify you of your child’s involvement in our program. We also welcome families to come and meet us (Cara and Igor) to have a tour of the centre prior to attending the service. At the kindy orientation day Cara and Igor will talk about the service in more detail. Families can also email any queries to