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Fees, Billing & Session Types

 Fees, Billing & Session Bookings


Family Membership Fees: A $40.00 annual membership fee is charged to every family when they enrol each year. 

Morning Session (per child):

Permanent: $11           Casual: $14

Afternoon Session (per child):

Permanent: $19           Casual: $22

Late collection fee: After 6:00pm a flat rate fee of $26.00 is charged as well as $1.00 per minute, to cover the cost of the staff members who need to stay at the centre with your child.

Telephone calls to nominated contacts will be made at 6.00 pm. If no contact is made with the child's caregiver by 6.30 pm, Community Services (CS) will be contacted and the child will be taken to the local police station. Staff will post a notice on the centre door with details of where the child has been taken and contact phone numbers.


POOSH is a direct debit centre only. You do not need to do a thing!

HUBDEBIT surcharges - Amex - 3.85% +75c /

Credit Card (visa/MasterCard)- 0.9% +75c/ Debit Card- 75c

Billing occurs fortnightly. An invoice showing your usage will be emailed to your specified email. Funds will be processed 2 days after you receive your invoice so that any queries can be resolved. On your bank statement please note the centre will be named by our software provider as HubHello not Pooshcare.

Overdue payments A dishonoured payment charge will be applied to any dishonoured Hubdebit transaction. Any payment more than four weeks overdue may result in notification in writing from the Management Committee of cancellation of booking and refusal of further bookings until payment is made. Families may discuss with Cara or Igor matters for special consideration.

How do I update your direct debit details? Login to Hubworks using your parent login.  Select 'payment method' from the top right-hand corner drop down menu and enter your new bank details. If you have forgot your login details, you may need to reset these first!

Session Types

Permanent session: A weekly reoccurring session. For non-attendance you will be charged however you can swap the day to an alternative day within the week if available.  Two weeks’ notice is required to cancel this session type.

Casual session: A one-off session.  You need to provide 24 hours' notice to book this session and you must provide 24 hours to cancel. If a last-minute emergency occurs, please email to confirm we can accommodate your child EVEN if it is a morning session, as we MUST maintain our staff to child ratio. If the day is fully booked with permanent places, then the session will not be available for a casual child.

Children not booked in: If a child arrives at the service and is not booked in, the parents/guardians will be charged an additional fee of $15 if we have the capacity to accommodate your child. If we do not have availability, they will be directed to the school office. Poosh operates under strict guidelines set by DEEWR(Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations)  and the DEC (Department of Education and Communities) so it is vital we meet staff: child ratios and adhere to our service approval conditions.

Leave requests e.g. Holidays: For extended leave, if two weeks’ notice is provided and the leave period is 2 or more weeks you will not be charged for the absent period.

Full Capacity: Poosh follows strict priority of access guidelines set by Community Services. You will be notified if placed on a wait list and contacted when there is a spot available.

Failure to notify of non-attendance: Poosh is a separate organisation to the school. If your child did not attend school or was sent home sick, we still need to be informed by email at prior to 2.55pm. Failure to do so will result in a non-notification fee of $15. The time searching for your child increases our educator: child ratio and reduces the quality of care we can provide. In the mornings as you physically drop off your child no notification is required.

Cancelling or adding a permanent session: Please email to change both permanent and casual bookings. An email will be sent to you confirming your request.

Signing in & out: Parents and guardians must sign their children in and out electronically. Any emergency contact listed on your Hubworks enrolment form will be able to set up an individual access code. During your first visit to the centre you will be asked to enter your mobile number and then create a reusable access code for collection.

If a child is to be picked up by someone other than an authorised person on Hubworks, the parent/guardian will be contacted before the child is permitted to leave the service. A one-off arrangement must be communicated to Cara and Igor via email e.g. a play date. For regular arrangements between parents please add them to your Hubworks emergency contact list. This should be completed online via

Family members must notify the centre of any custody arrangements or court orders that impact on the collection of the child. Children will not be released to any unknown persons without permission or prior notification.

Parents should not call the centre to ask for an edcuator to sign out and send the child out to a meeting point, unless there is an emergency.

Can my child sign in? When attending before school care a child can walk independently into the service if parents desire, however parents need to be aware that Poosh is not responsible for your child until they have been sighted and signed in by an educator. Children are not permitted to sign themselves into the service.